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  • "WAVE" No.64
    February 2016


    Topic of the Issue

    New Ice Age in Europe: Romania

    White Dream became a Nightmare
    As snowing took over Romania, authorities were forced to tackle, in short periods of time, with calls from different parts of the country, from people asking help. Ambulances, police, firemen, everybody was asked for help, in places where people's houses were simply snowed under, but also in big cities, such as the capital, Bucharest... >>

    New Ice Age in Europe: Serbia
    Serbia snow strands thousands
    Heavy snow has left at least 11,000 villagers cut off in remote areas of Serbia amid a European cold snap that has claimed more than 130 lives...

    Europe freeze
    Dutch Prince Johan Friso buried in Austria avalanche
    Dutch Prince Johan Friso has been seriously injured in an avalanche while on a skiing holiday in the Austrian resort of Lech


    The Serbian Public Diplomacy efforts
    Rebranding of the nation
    Although some internal factors of instability regarding the domestic political context with regard to Europeanization still exist and some conditions for acceptance of the application to the EU still have to be fulfilled, the results of promotion of the image of the Serbian State can already be seen as clearly positive... >>

    Protests in Romania
    Fall of another EU government
    As austerity measures and changes in the medical system had threatened even more the lives of the Romanians, they decided to respond, using the last form they had in their power and, perhaps, the easiest to use: protests. Started on the 12th of January 2012, as a response to the new healthcare bill and the resignation of the respected Dr. Raed Arafat, the still on-going protests achieved some success until now, but are still far from their main target: the resignation of the President of Romania, Traian Basescu... >>


    Trends in the world of mobile marketing
    A Commercial in Consumer's Pocket
    The very fact that the mobile phone is always with its owner is very important from the point of view of the advertiser and brands that surround us. This is a new marketing channel that enables a very simple and fast two-way communication between brands and consumers regardless of the time of the day or the place where the consumer is at that time. Furthermore, by having an adequate database of consumers there are really great possibilities of target marketing modified to their demographic data and consumer habits. Mobile Marketing is significantly cheaper and easier to prepare, realize and monitor its efficiency... >>


    British campaign "Move your Money"
    Ethical banking: Reviewing your vows
    Would you be content knowing that your money may be financing the arms industry or perhaps fossil fuel schemes? Do you really want your savings linked to tax heavens, risky speculation and customer fraud? These are the questions asked by the British campaign "Move your Money". It is a call for action which has already received over 600 pledges from people supporting more ethical financial institutions: they are disappointed customers that want their power back... >>

    Center for Practical support and training of farmers - CEPEF
    Youth initiative for agricultural revolution
    This association of agricultural engineers was established in May 2011, in order to work on improving the quality of production and education of farmers. Serbia is known as a country with a variety of agricultural resources, which are under-used, so there is a market gap. This group of young people has realized it at the time, and take all of relevant information related to agricultural production in set of the standards, and their plan is to assist farmers to apply them... >>

    Culture & Arts

    FEST 2012
    "XL - Among the greats"
    Although it was originally planned that this year's festival runs until 4th March, just couple of days before the opening, the organizers cheered all film fans with the news that 2012 edition will last one day longer - it will be FEST encore. The last day is reserved for the premiere of the French romantic comedy The Artist, directed by Michel Hazanavicius. This film won five Golden Globe awards and ten Oscar nominations; and the story is set in Hollywood 1927 - featuring Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo and John Goodman in lead roles... >>

    Berlin room exhibition
    Observing Balkan from a distance
    Berlin is the place where artists come from all over the world to work and to communicate their experiences. The artists from Southeastern Europe, concerned through the difficulties in their own countries, came to Berlin and communicated their ideas in a new context, influenced from this new situation but also contributing their experiences from their own countries... >>

    Science & Tech

    The end of the Web as we know it?
    Faced with the new anti-piracy laws, people are holding massive demonstrations and hackers are "bombing" important institutions. The fight for the Internet has begun. The stakes are high because they include our freedom of speech, information and privacy rights. People of USA and EU won round one with bills being postponed... Will Serbia also prevail?... >>

    Social network sites phenomena
    Twitter reaches 500 million registered users
    Twitter has recently reached 500 million registered users. Although it is not much if compared to Facebook, its a big number if you think on quantity of people reaching to social network sites all over the world. It might show traces that social network sites are here to stay... >>


    Laureus World Sports Awards 2012
    Djokovic, Cheruiyot and FC Barcelona
    The winners of the 2012 Laureus World Sports Awards have been unveiled at a globally televised Awards Ceremony in London, on February 6. These awards are the premier honours on the international sporting calendar. The winners are chosen by the Laureus World Sports Academy, the ultimate sports jury, made up of 47 of the greatest sportsmen and sportswomen of all time... >>


    In Memoriam: Whitney Houston (1963-2012)
    Farewell of the most-awarded female artist
    On the 11th of February 2012, she was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, putting this year's Grammy Awards under a black ribbon. The causes of her death are still unknown, but, given the artist's troubled history with drugs, most of the thoughts go that way... >>

    Awards time
    The Red Carpet to the Oscars
    As the year begins, Hollywood and the entire world starts buzzing around like bees; it's that time of the year when all the efforts from the previous year come to a conclusion: reward or utter oblivion. Celebrities prepare an entire year, with performances and acting roles, and then they don their hardly-thought chosen dresses and tuxedos and pose on red carpets for some of the worlds most appreciated awards: Golden Globes, BAFTAs, Grammy and, of course, the spectacular Academy Awards... >>

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